Warts can be really hard to get rid of. It’s not like you can talk sense into them, and just ask them to disappear. They don’t have a brain to start with. You can’t communicate with them. If you try, it will most definitely be a frustrating experience. In your quest to remove a particularly stubborn wart, you might encounter some unexpected pro-wart enablers who will try and convince you that a wart is a good thing, and that you should leave it in place, even if it’s huge and located on your nose, and maybe even beginning to interfere with your eyesight, not to mention your love life. Sometimes this resistance to remove a wart can come from within your own family, and if not addressed properly, it can lead to unrepairable emotional trauma. However, it is extremely important not to let the pro-warters get under your skin (no pun intended). A wart is a wart is a wart. Don’t let anybody trick you to believe otherwise. They might even say that the wart is sent by God. It isn’t. Wart gotta go. So, how do you get rid of a wart. Well, there are many treatments, but the most effective one is removal by general election. It normally takes a couple of months after the election before the little sucker evaporates, but have patience; it will go away. There is a risk the growth will recur after 4 years or so, but you’ll have plenty of time to prepare. And hopefully you’ve learned a lesson.

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