At the End of the Woods

At the End of the Woods by Åström & Sandlund

  • Title: Vid skogens slut (At the End of the Woods) by Sara Åström and Anette Sandlund
  • Genre: Crime Fiction
  • Language: Swedish
  • Publisher: Bokfabriken | 2020
  • Pages: 382

Sofia Winter is looking forward to her new job where she is part of a group that will function as a cross-section of police, social services and schools, to better capture children at risk.

At 40, Sofia finds herself lost in life; her son is moving out, and her husband seems to have his mind elsewhere, which creates a knot in her stomach; she remembers what happened a few years ago. She forgave him then, but the wound remains. At the same time, Sofia is trying to deal with her past by searching for the truth about what happened to herself as a child.

At one of the schools she visits there is a girl called Alva who withdraws from social life and who is often away from school without explanation. There’s something about Alva that makes Sofia unable to let go. When a girl in Alva’s circle is found brutally murdered, Sofia suspects that Alva may also be in danger.

The deeper Sofia digs, the more urgent her fears become and a terrifying truth reveals itself.

At the End of the Woods is the first book in a series about Sofia Winter. A suspense novel about secrets, sects, loyalty and the longing for freedom.

Anette Sandlund and Sara Åström have been an author duo since 2018, and friends since 1999. They both work as teachers, and live in Piteå, in Northern Sweden, only 200 meters from each other, so they can also call themselves neighbors.

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