Bria Goeller

San Francisco based artist Bria Goeller joins Tapir Literary Agency!

“That Little Girl Was Me” by Bria Goeller & Good Trubble, 2020

Bria is an artist, designer, and creator. She believes in the power of storytelling to encourage vulnerability and empathy. Along with maintaining her own art practice, she designs unique and sustainable ways of communicating through creative content – like graphics, portraits, custom art, films, websites, logos, and branding. She works alongside local artists and organizations to advance social movements through the communicative arts in her communities.

In connection with the historic 2020 US election that made Kamala Harris the first woman, and the first black and Asian American, to become vicepresident, Bria created the unforgettable, iconic image “That Little Girl Was Me”. The design symbolizes two powerful women (of color) in history who overcame the odds and stood with strength against everyone who didn’t want to see them succeed. Ruby Bridges walked into a white-dominated school, and that took courage and made history. Kamala Harris is walking into a white-dominated White House, and she, too, is trailblazing for women and women of color both.

Bria is based in San Francisco, and she is at the moment working on several book ideas. If you are a publisher interested in working with this young, progressive and extremely talented artist, please get in touch:

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