Carl-Michael Edenborg

Love Is a Killer by Carl-Michael Edenborg

Title: Love Is a Killer by Carl-Michael Edenborg

Genre: Novel | Historical Fiction | Crime 

Language: Swedish

LOVE IS A KILLER is Carl-Michael Edenborg’s first novel since the August Prize nominated THE ALCHEMIST’S DAUGHTER came out in 2014. Like his previous two novels, this is historical fiction, and it takes place in Sweden, London and Paris at the decadent end of the 19th century. What begins as a childish, innocent love story in a small mining village, quickly develops into a blood-splattering drama in the spirit of Bonnie & Clyde. The wild story features morphinism, pyromania, the gay detective Michel Lupine from the Paris police, hysteria, August Strindberg, folies-à-deux, Jack the Ripper, angels, Krafft-Ebing, sexual and literary role-play, artful murders, and other spicy ingredients. It resembles nothing you have read before.

Carl-Michael Edenborg (born 1967) has a PhD in Intellectual history, specialized in the history of alchemy, and in eroticism. Carl-Michael is a novelist, cultural journalist, translator, and founder of the avant-garde publishing house Vertigo Förlag. During the last couple of decades he has focused on writing fiction and critical essays. He is often described as the enfant terrible of Swedish literature because of his provocative and uninhibited style.

His published works include five novels, five collections of Bataille-inspired absurdist/erotic short stories, scripts to graphic novels, and The Parapornographic Manifesto (published in English by Action Books in the US, 2013).

In 2014 his novel Alkemistens dotter (The Alchemist’s Daughter) was nominated for The August Prize, Sweden’s most prestigious literary award.

He has been translated to Norwegian, Italian, German, French, English, Danish & Turkish. He is a regular writer and literary critic for two of the biggest Swedish dailies, Aftonbladet and Svenska Dagbladet

Carl-Michael has just finished writing his sixth novel, Love is Evil (working title), a Tarantinoesque serial killer love story, involving a bloodthirsty Swedish Bonnie & Clyde duo wreaking havoc at the end of the 19th century Europe. Their deadly rampage brings them from Stockholm to Jack the Ripper’s London, and to Paris, where nobody is safe, not even the Swedish literary icon August Strindberg. The unusually incompetent, and quite decadent, French police detective Lupin is on the gruesome case.

Alkemistens dotter (The Alchemist’s daughter) by Carl-Michael Edenborg | Novel | Swedish | Natur & Kultur 2014 | 408 Pages

Rebis Aurora Drakenstierna was born as the last in a family of alchemists in the late 18th century and grew up on the farm Hermestorp, where the constant smoke from the Athanian colors the sky black. When the father unexpectedly passes away, Rebis is left alone with an inconceivable secret: she is chosen to complete a mission that concerns all of humanity, and which will change the world irrevocably.

Rebi’s search for the family’s secret takes her out into Europe and from the very beginning it is clear that she is being opposed by dark forces. The trip goes to Berlin, via Marstrand on the Swedish west coast, and to Paris’ dirty ports and brothels. There she meets the family’s apostate Andreas, but can she trust him? The alchemist’s daughter carries the whole world on her shoulders and for the chosen one there is no room for doubt.

Carl-Michael Edenborg’s glowing and crackling adventure novel about alchemy and ideology, a strangely modern historical novel about blind faith, bombs, and the power of love, was nominated for The August Prize in 2014.

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