David Starfas

David Starfas is an author illustrator who lives in San Francisco. He is a graduate of Kansas City Art Institute. His illustrations are inspired by growing up in a house where his mom ran an in home daycare, and the work he has done as a director of children’s programming, an elementary school teacher, and a middle school art teacher. When David is not teaching, illustrating, or writing stories, he is exploring Golden Gate Park with his wife and two boys.
The Walrus and the Double Bass
A children’s story in progress.
Have you ever wanted to play a game and no one else wanted to play? Edgar is a lonely Walrus that wants others to play his games but no one wants to play. This leads Edgar to discover a stand-up bass (double bass) that washed up on the seashore. Edgar practices and learns to play music well. Still, Edgar has no-one to play with but, somehow, his journey leads him to a lonely seashore where he meets the most peculiar friend to play (make music) with.
The Walrus and the Double Bass and The Cricket and the Mandolin are two stories in a series. These stories are about the journey to friendship and the discovery of personal talent through practice. The Walrus and the Cricket are based on Edgar (virtuoso double bassist) and Chris Thile (Live From Here and the Punch Brothers).
Evander and the Birds
Evander worried about many things. The more he worried the more his work piled up. Sometimes our anxiety prevents us from being able to do anything and all we can do is focus our energy on worrying. Sometimes that worry keeps us up at night. Sometimes our anxiety helps us come up with clever innovative solutions to the things we are worrying about. Will Evander be able to come up with a clever solution for what worries him? 

In the United States 40 million adults suffer from Anxiety and depression (18.1 percent of the population). 7.1% of children aged 3-17 years (approximately 4.4 million) have diagnosed anxiety. In these times of Covid 19 many of us are experiencing anxiety and worry in different forms that we have never experienced before. The Evander story explores the world of anxiety and would appeal to anyone who has ever worried or struggled with anxiety.

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