Force of Love

The Force of Love by Alexandra Sundqvist

  • Title: Tvångsamheten (The Force of Love) by Alexandra Sundqvist
  • Genre: Fiction/Prose Poem
  • Language: Swedish
  • Publisher: Ordfront | 2021
  • Pages: 206

She’s young when she meets him, maybe too young. The city is big and unfriendly, made for other people. Full of sharp edges and not at all as she had imagined. Far away are the mountains, the forest, a different soil altogether. Hers.

He is everything she is not. Exciting, spiritual, metropolitan. Warm. Still, there is this faint murmur. It creeps in like the twilight outside the house, which begins like a  smoldering fire. What happens when love becomes a wildfire?

Tvångsamheten (The Force of Love) is a drama about the destructive nature of infatuation, when love becomes a deception and fear moves into paradise.

Alexandra Sundqvist’s fiction debut is a naked, beautiful and raw prose poem, which reads like a cold pressed novel, depicting the essence of a capsized love story.

ALEXANDRA SUNDQVIST (b. 1986) is a cultural journalist, author and critic from Boden in Northern Sweden, now living in Stockholm. She has written about music, literature, comics, art and film in daily newspapers and magazines since 2004 for, among others, Dagens Nyheter and Expressen. 2017 her biography about Swedish singer-songwriter Barbro Hörberg was published by Ordfront Förlag. Tvångsamheten (The Force of Love) is her fiction debut.

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