Glass Veranda by the Lake

Title: Glasveranda med sjöutsikt by Hanna Blixt

Genre: Feelgood Fiction

Language: Swedish

Publisher/Year: Historiska Media/2020

Pages: 304

Glasveranda med sjöutsikt (Glass Veranda by the Lake) by Hanna Blixt is a gripping, heartwarming, romantic, and humorous story about two lives that are surprisingly intertwined with each other, set in an atmosphere of cinnamon, cloves and mulled wine around Christmas time in the picturesque heartland of Sweden. Think Love Actually and The Holiday with a Scandinavian twist. This is the first book of three about Nora and Viktor.

Nora flees abruptly from her apartment in Stockholm when it turns out that her controlling boyfriend Jonas has been unfaithful. To get some distance to everything, she takes the train to idyllic Leksand and her friend Vega who offers comfort. Nora rents a small log cabin with a glass veranda and lake view, and she promises herself never to fall for a man again, but then she meets Viktor – the charming neighbor who seems to be hiding a secret.
  Meanwhile, the washed up author Claes is trying to take advantage of an old man called Torsten, who has a failing memory, but a fantastic ability to tell stories and captivate an audience, something Claes is lacking. Claes bribes the old man with coffee and cookies to get him to start talking, and Torsten begins to reveal the story of his life, which includes a tragic accident that turns out to be linked to Nora.

Rights sold:

Danish – Palatium Books

Estonian – Tammerraamat

German – Penguin Random House

Italian – Vallardi (Gruppo editoriale Mauri Spagnol)

Swedish – Historiska Media

Norwegian – Strawberry Publishing

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