Hanna Blixt

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Call it serendipity or just pure and simple coincidence. The fact is that my new favorite TV series, the Netflix blockbuster The Queen’s Gambit, and Hanna Blixt’s fantasy series The Saga Falls, with chess at its very core, are both incredibly hot right now. Chess is in! I just ordered a new chess board from Amazon…If you have missed The Saga Falls, please let me know if you want me to send you the PDF of the first book in the series, Mark of Styx (full English sample translation available!) Read more here.

Hanna Blixt is the author of the mesmerizing 7 book fantasy series Sagofallen (Saga Falls Adventures) consisting of Mark of Styx, Battle of Queens, Bishop’s Gambit,  Armor of Light, Escape from the Black Castle, Pantone’s Island and The Seal of the Snowy Owl. 

A complete English sample translation is available of Mark of Styx, the first book in the series. Read more about this fascinating fantasy series by clicking the cover:

Hanna’s first adult novel, Glasveranda med sjöutsikt, was published by Historiska Media in September 2020, and quickly hit #2 on Storytel’s bestseller list for audiobooks. Read more by clicking the cover:

Hanna was born in 1979 and grew up in Leksand, the picturesque heart of Sweden. She is married and has two children. Hanna has a PhD in Media and Communication and graduated from the University of Learning and Communication in Jönköping. Prior to that, she studied Behavioral Sciences at Stockholm University.

During her professional life as a communication strategist, she has, among other things, been responsible for PR and social media at the human aid organization Erikshjälpen, with has more than 60 thrift stores in Sweden.

Since 2017, Hanna has been working full time as a writer.

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