Helen Wigh

Jordoffer by Helén Wigh

Dark and imaginative suspense novel about betrayal and persecution

  • Title: Jordoffer (Earth Sacrifice) by Helén Wigh
  • Genre: Fiction
  • Language: Swedish
  • Publisher: Historiska Media | 2021
  • Pages: 380

With the family’s summer cottage key in one hand and a bag in the other, Kate escapes the big city and her life in the more glamorous circles. In the Värmland forest, she hopes to be free from her ex-boyfriend’s violent control and her own paralyzing fear. While the bruises slowly fade, she tries to get a grip on her new life.

But the peace she thought she had found in the new home is put on hold when two bodies are discovered buried on the plot. They still hold each other, like a loving couple even after death. Next to them is a locket, and the beautiful jewelry arouses Kate’s curiosity. Hoping to get some clues as to who the dead are, she examines all of the plot’s buildings – including the outbuilding that has been barricaded for all these years. There she steps into what appears to be a home from a bygone era, where the porcelain still remains on the table. And on the bookshelf she finds a diary dated 1947 that leads her back to a painful destiny. Kate realizes that a lot is at stake – then as now.

Jordoffer is a suspense novel about betrayal, secrets and persecution set out in two parallel stories. It is also a depiction of how control and power are set against freedom and love. Helén Wigh takes the reader into a dark and imaginative story, which takes us to the author’s own hometown in Värmland, just as in her acclaimed debut novel Järnmärkt

For Helén Wigh, writing has always been a big part of her life. The desire to captivate an audience with the art of storytelling is something that has always been present in the large family she grew up in, living in the small mining village Persberg with about 300 inhabitants, located in Värmland. In the childhood home with only the surrounding forest as the nearest neighbor, there was a lot of time during the childhood to wander around the forests and see traces of people who once lived there. The imagination found no boundaries and the urge to try to imagine who the people were back in history, is something Helén has taken with her into the world of writing. A writing where different human destinies intertwine in the most suspenseful manner.

In the spring of 2021, Helén made her debut with the suspense novel Järnmärkt.

Since she became a teacher, she has lived in the academic city of Karlstad with her husband and three children. However, her heart is still left in the home village of Persberg.

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