Ken Davenport

Ken Davenport is an entrepreneur and novelist based in San Diego, California.

Ken has built multiple businesses, lived in Switzerland as a kid, did his graduate work in London, spent a nomadic year in Tokyo, where he learned Japanese (or tried), and now spends much of his free time helping military veterans transition to the civilian world.

The Two Gates by Ken Davenport

[Thriller, 284 Pages, Oct 2017, Self-Published]

Ken’s writes in the genre of speculative fiction. His first novel, The Two Gates, is a thriller set in 1960s America where John F. Kennedy has survived the assassination attempt in Dallas. As the war in Vietnam heats up, the Chicago mob, the Pentagon and the Corsican mafia conspire to escalate the war, while the Kennedy Administration grapples with a question that has intrigued historians for decades: Would JFK have escalated the war or would he have gotten America out of Vietnam? The Two Gates has the answer!

The Bug Hunter by Ken Davenport

[Thriller, 276 Pages, March 2019, Self-Published]

Ken”s second novel, The Bug Hunter, is set in the near future where genetic engineering has made it possible to turn insects into weapons of bioterror. When a terrorist plot is uncovered to poison the American food supply, Marine-turned scientist Gabriel Marx is recruited to track down the source of the threat, and in the process uncovers clues from an ancient scroll that portends an even bigger attack that will kill millions while devastating the economy of the Silicon Valley. Publisher’s Weekly calls The Bug Hunter “A tense thriller that doesn’t pull any punches!”

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