Lisa Christensen

Role Play by Lisa Christensen

Ingeniously Constructed Debut Novel About Identity, Racism, and Love

Spela roll (Role Play) by Lisa Christensen

Novel | Swedish| LB Förlag |Spring 2020| 333 Pages

Three stories are intertwined in this ingeniously constructed novel where identity, role-play, racism and a lost love story run like a common thread. With darkness and humor, Lisa Christensen depicts how world events shape and capture the lives of individuals, and how completely separate life stories can be connected in unimaginable ways.

An incorrectly addressed love letter from the West ends up in the hands of thirteen-year-old Nikolai in Cold War Riga. Curious, he assumes the role of the missing lover and responds. When he realizes that the story is getting out of control, he decides to try and find the right recipient of the letters.

Élodie has left Sweden to not just look like an immigrant, but actually become one – for real. In contemporary London, she can be anyone and no one at all. But a call from Sweden leads to a life-changing decision, and she is forced to deal with her heritage.

The American soldier William deserts from the Vietnam War and the United States, and ends up in the Soviet Union where he is recruited by the KGB. He is sent to Riga to be trained for a mission he knows nothing about. To survive, he must give up his identity and become someone else. 

Lisa Christensen is an author and marketing professional, and has a BA in Literature. Lisa was born in Sweden, but has ties to the US on her father’s side. She has lived in New York, London, France and the Seychelles, among other places. At the moment she resides in Stockholm. In 2020, LB Förlag in Sweden published her debut novel, Spela roll, which was nominated for the Adlibris Prize in the category Debut of the Year.

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