Lotta Lundh

Lotta Lundh is the author of the crime series about Detective Inspector Erik Ljung who solves crimes in the small town of Sunne, Sweden. So far there are three books in the series with a fourth on the way. These are dark, intense, and often brutal stories, which are in stark contrast to the soft, and beautiful nature surrounding Sunne, as well as the very likable main characters.

The Family by Lotta Lundh

The disappearance of a young woman raises great concern in the small community of Sunne. Detective Inspector Erik Ljung is responsible for the investigation and soon discovers a connection between the missing woman and the underworld. Has she disappeared voluntarily or has she been the victim of a crime?

It is with some hesitation that Marie and Axel let their 15-year-old daughter Saga go to the annual dance. When Saga then does not come home, the parents’ worst nightmare becomes a reality. Ljung now fears that the same perpetrator is behind the two disappearances and that more young women are in danger.

The Family is the first book in the Erik Ljung series.

The Grave by Lotta Lundh

Ola Jonsson, the owner of one of Sunne’s largest factories, has mysteriously disappeared and the investigation has landed on Detective Inspector Erik Ljung’s desk. The case turns out to be very difficult to solve, and there are far too many suspects.

Parallel to the investigation into the disappearance, tensions are rising between Neo-Nazis and immigrants in the small community, and Erik Ljung and his wife Cissi get pulled in both personally and professionally.

The Grave is the second book in the Erik Ljung series.

The Retaliation by Lotta Lundh

A man is found murdered in Lake Fryken, killed in the most bestial way. Detective Inspector Erik Ljung is in charge of the investigation, and it will be his task to find out what in the murdered man’s life had triggered such hatred against him.

Shortly after the body is found in the lake, a man with connections to the victim disappears. Are the two events related – and if so, how?

It soon turns out that a serial killer is ravaging the small town of Sunne, and Erik Ljung is working against the clock, as even more lives are at stake.

The Retaliation is the third part in the crime series about Detective Inspector Erik Ljung at Sunne Police.

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