Mark Cordell Holmes

Mark Cordell Holmes is a 30-year SF Bay Area creative professional who has worked in Games, Feature Animation and Tech. As a 16-year veteran of the Pixar Animation Studios art department, Mark contributed to a dozen films, including A Bug’s Life, Toy Story 2 & 3, Monsters Inc & Monsters University, Ratatouille, The Incredibles, Cars 2 and Brave. He was graphics art director for Wall-E and production designer for the short, Lifted. Mark has worked for numerous game companies, including Epyx, Rocket Science, Electronic Arts, and Maxis, across mobile, PC & console platforms. As a founding member of the game startup Dynamighty, he art directed the Bafta-nominated Sony release, Counterspy. Markhas worked in tech as a consulting art and creative director for Capital One, Google and Facebook, crafting interactive Doodle, AR and VR experiences. As a novelist and screenwriter passionate about all forms of storytelling, Mark regularly lectures on Cinematic Design: the Art and Craft of Emotional-Visual storytelling.

Maddie and the Lamp by Mark Cordell Holmes

[YA Novel, 12+, Approx. 250 Pages]

Maddie and the Lamp follows the emotional journey of two troubled orphans: adventurous but emotionally-scarred 11-year old Maddie, unable to remember her life before Gladstone’s Home for Children where she has spent most of her life bouncing between failed foster attempts; and equally un-adoptable 17-year old bully, Felix Mustard, as determined to escape as she is to stay.

When a clash jeopardizes their respective hopes and puts Maddie in harm’s way, she is saved by the inexplicable intervention of an old blind man who has roamed the streets outside of Gladstone’s as long as she can remember. Proclaiming to know how Maddie came there and offering her the key to escape her broken life, he is violently adducted, leaving her in a state of shock with a tale no one believes. 

Her future at Gladstone’s in jeopardy, Maddie makes the most amazing discovery left behind by the old man: an antique lamp whose magical light allows its holder to walk through walls. Enlisting Mustard’s aid they set out to in an uneasy alliance to rescue the old man in the hope of salvaging their own precarious futures.

When Felix too is abducted, Maddie turns to her own wits and instincts to rescue her allies and finds herself embroiled in a century-old battle over the very secret the Lamp was meant to protect: an even more amazing magical Lighthouse.

Joining the old Lighthouse Keeper on an adventure through time and place, Maddie faces the temptations and lies of allies and enemies alike. But to prevent the Light from being corrupted by the self-delusions and hidden desires blinding all people, Maddie must eventually confront the greatest darkness shadowing her own past.

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