Mark Cordell Holmes

The Light Keeper by Mark Cordell Holmes

The Light Keeper by Mark Cordell Holmes

YA Fantasy Novel | English | 371 Pages

THE LIGHT KEEPER, a mesmerizing literary fantasy novel, follows the emotional journey of two troubled orphans: adventurous but emotionally scarred teenager Maddie, unable to remember her life before Gladstone’s Home for Children where she has spent most of her life bouncing between failed foster attempts; and equally un-adoptable 17-year-old bully, Felix Mustard, as determined to escape as she is to stay.

Maddie’s future at Gladstone’s is in jeopardy when she makes the most amazing discovery left behind by an old blind man who was abducted in front of her eyes: an antique lamp whose magical light allows its holder to walk through walls. Enlisting Mustard’s aid, they set out in an unlikely alliance to rescue the old man in the hope of salvaging their own precarious futures.

When Felix too is abducted, Maddie turns to her own wits and instincts to rescue her allies and finds herself embroiled in a century-old battle over the very secret the Lamp was meant to protect: an even more magical and powerful lighthouse. 

Mark Cordell Holmes is an art department veteran of Pixar Animation Studios. He has collaborated with some of the industry’s greatest directors, craftspeople and storytellers on a dozen landmark films.

In his 30-year professional career he has worked as Art & Creative Director in Tech, Games, AR/VR & Feature Animation, including Google, Facebook, and Electronic Arts, where he currently works.

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