Martin Rössel

Hardboiled Swedish Crime Debut

Omslag: Anders Timrén

Curare by Martin Rössel

Crime Novel|Swedish|Lind & Co|2020|350 Pages

An elderly man is found murdered in his penthouse in fashionable Östermalm, Stockholm. He has been cut in a very unusual way and the killer has left a cryptic message to the police. A short time later another murder takes place, and it becomes clear that the killer does not intend to stop there, on the contrary – a wave of murders is to be expected. Erika Hård is a Police Detective at the Department for Serious Crimes in Stockholm. She trains MMA, listens to Rammstein and is terrified of falling in love. Together with her colleagues, she is given the task of catching the serial killer, but it soon turns out that it is not only the police who are chasing a killer, but also a killer who is chasing a police officer… Curare is a novel about revenge against a world that betrays, and take advantage of the most innocent. But also about a dormant evil that is brought to life in the powerlessness of a hurt child.

According to Sweden’s largest newspaper Dagens Nyheter, “Martin Rössel writes better than most”.

Foto: Cato Lein

Martin Rössel is a songwriter and music producer as well as a musician in the band “Dom dummaste”. He has previously, among other things. won the Ikaros award for the P1 radio show “Att bomba Irak – vilken hit”, and had a scoop in the tabloid Aftonbladet about Lundin Oil and Southern Sudan. Rössel was born in 1959, and lives in Stockholm. Curare is his debut novel.

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