Picture Perfect

Title: Som i ett vykort (Picture Perfect) by Sofia Rutbäck Eriksson

Genre: Feelgood Fiction

Language: Swedish

Publisher: LB Förlag

Pub Date: June 2021

Pages: TBC

After a long absence, Ida returns to her picturesque hometown in idyllic Norrbotten, the northernmost county in Sweden, but nothing is what it used to be. Her always so orderly father, Sten, is changed completely,  and the local tourist industry is being killed by a tacky Santa Land in a neighboring town. A solution to the problem is to build a hotel in the village, but the charming entrepreneur Emil keeps both the village and Ida’s emotions on tenterhooks.

Ida is drawn further into the struggle to save the small community, at the same time as she has to help her father at all costs. But how do you support someone who can’t see their own need to be helped?

Som i ett vykort (Picture Perfect) is a feelgood novel about family relationships, and a small idyllic village’s struggle for survival.

Rights sold: Swedish (LB Förlag)

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