Pooneh Rohi

Powerful Novel about Motherhood, Identity and Alienation

Cover by Sara R Acedo

Hölje (Shroud)

Novel|Ordfront |2021|150 pages

By Pooneh Rohi

“The baby lets go of her nipple. It hurts. The mouth is white from milk. She feels a wave of disgust when she sees the white in the corner of the mouth, how it is smeared across the cheek.”

Abruptly Mona’s story begins, suddenly she is in the middle of the moment with a child by her breast, with no memory of how she ended up there. She looks back at her life, and she can’t recognize this woman who has been in this body, and who has carried this child within her.

Hölje is a book about motherhood, but also identity, oblivion, and alienation – from one’s own body, from the child who was born, and the life one has been given. It’s about trying to find your way back to a life that can be understood, and about the search for your own story.

Photo by Linda Gren

Pooneh Rohi is an author and a Linguistic Researcher. She was born in Iran in 1982 and moved to Stockholm when she was 6 years old. Pooneh Rohi made her debut in 2014 with the acclaimed book Araben (The Arab) for which she received the City of Gothenburg Literature Prize and SmåLits’ Migrant Prize.

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