Red Signal

Red Signal by Johan Brännström | 2021 Ordfront Förlag

Red Signal takes place just over two years after the events in Fever. Mikaela Sköld, a reporter at Nyhetsbyrån, has moved in with her colleague Kim in a villa in Huddinge where she lives with her now fourteen-year-old daughter Vanjaand Kim’s son Sigge. A wounded society has begun to open up and when a harsh winter strikes, the train delays are soon back. Soon, a series of fatal accidents begin to occur in the subway and commuter trains. However, the police suspect that it is about something worse: A lunatic who pushes people in front of the trains. It will be the start of a gasping hunt for a perpetrator who can be anyone in the crowd on the platforms. And soon Mikaela Sköld realizes that the deed is connected to her articles on the Nyhetsbyrån.

Red Signal is a heart-pounding thriller that will make anyone who reads look over their shoulder the next time they take a train. It depicts a Sweden that has become cold, where anger is constantly bubbling beneath the surface and someone can explode at any moment.This autumn’s most nerve-racking crime novel debut!

Rights sold:

Hebrew (Locus Books)

Swedish (Ordfront Förlag)