Sofia Rutbäck Eriksson

Picture Perfect!

Swedish Author Sofia Rutbäck Eriksson Joins Tapir Literary Agency!

Sofia Rutbäck Eriksson has been in love with writing ever since she learned her very first letters. After four children’s books, one of which has been translated into five languages, she is releasing her first adult novel with LB Förlag this summer. Som i ett vykort (Picture Perfect) is a feelgood novel about family relationships in idyllic Norrbotten, the northenmost county in Sweden.

Also this summer, the first 7 books in Sofia’s humorous cozy crime series Katarinas eminenta detektivbyrå (Katarina’s Eminent Detective Agency) are released in Sweden by Lind & Co. Sofia’s mission with her writing is to entertain and to stir emotions, and she has a penchant for a certain Scandinavian quirkiness.

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