Johan Brännström

Fever by Johan Brännström | 2020 Ordfront Förlag

“So horrifyingly suspenseful that it is simply impossible to stop reading!”

Dagens Nyheter

WHAT HAPPENS TO OUR CHILDREN WHEN THEY ARE LEFT ALONE ONLINE? What does a child find in the darkest parts of Darknet that is so vicious that we refuse to believe it?

Mikaela Sköld is a domestic reporter at Sweden’s largest news agency and single mother of twelve-year-old Vanja. She is forced to leave her feverish daughter alone at home, and when she returns from work, Vanja has disappeared without a trace. The police do not have much to go on, but Mikaela’s own investigations point to Darknet, the hidden part of the web. Her search for her daughter takes her deeper and deeper into a feverish and dangerous world, so dark and depraved that she could not imagine it in her worst nightmares. And somewhere online there is a clock that is ticking down; in twenty-four hours the next show in “The Red Room” begins. Do you dare to look?

This autumn’s most nerve-racking crime novel debut!

English sample translation now available!

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Hebrew (Locus Books)

Swedish (Ordfront Förlag)