The Saga Falls


By Hanna Blixt

The Saga Fall series by Hanna Blixt has something for everybody. It ́s an action packed, page turning fantasy series in 7 parts, set in beautiful, enchanting environments, and what many have dubbed “the new Harry Potter”. But Hanna would more describe it like a mix between Lord of the Rings and Narnia – but with a unique concept, featuring a battle between chess pieces, and a map that expands and grows bigger for every adventure. Hanna’s writing also displays a certain Scandinavian bittersweet warmth, reminiscent of Astrid Lindgren. Every book in the series is an adventure of one of the six different chess pieces.

The storyline of the Saga Falls is similar to modern day videogames and it captures both reluctant readers as well as bookworms.
The antagonist in the series is Styx and the protagonist The Snowy Owl. The Snowy Owl is not there in person, and the resistance against Styx must be fought by the siblings Sofia and Leo from our world which is called Mirroria in the books.

The seventh and the last book takes place before the other ones, and sets the stage for the whole series, and here you finally get to know the mysterious character Snowy Owl. Many readers have expressed that after finishing the seventh book, they want to start reading the Saga Falls series all over again.

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