Jordlöparens book by Thomas Tidholm

Congratulations to Thomas Tidholm who is nominated for the August Prize for Best Swedish Fiction Book of the Year with the fantastic collection of prose poetry Jordlöparens bok (The Ground Beetle’s Book), where he ingeniously and poetically examines our relationship to nature, but also nature’s ambivalent relationship to us. As Expressen’s Daniel Sjölin wrote in his review of the book: “This is what poetry looks like when it is open to everyone.”  The August is Sweden’s literary Oscar. A big and well-deserved congratulations to Thomas, and his publisher Ordfront!

Thomas Tidholm is nominated with this wonderful motivation:

In his beautifully designed, prose poetry book of thoughts, Thomas Tidholm asks basic questions about man’s relationship to nature. Is it possible for us humans to be reunited and reconciled with a nature from which we have gradually shielded ourselves? With poetic precision and clarifying simplicity, the Jordöparens bok builds bridges between two worlds. ”

This year, the August Prize will be awarded on November 23rd in a corona-safe event at Stockholm Concert Hall. It will of course also be broadcasted live via We keep our fingers crossed for Thomas until then.

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